How to Study for a Geography Exam

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Studying for your geography exam is easy once you make it fun. Our planet has plenty of anomalies and things that nature didn't make. These make for interesting and mind gripping study.

1 Spark your geography interest before starting the course

Spark your geography interest before starting the course. You get more when you're interested in what you're studying than if you're studying because you have to.

2 Call up Google Earth

Call up Google Earth. Freeze the frames on something interesting. Locate that area on Google Earth. Note the country and terrain those sites are located in. Read about those countries on MSN Encarta's website.

3 With your renewed geography interest

With your renewed geography interest, obtain your geography books ahead of the course. Start studying for the exam before your first class, and read the book cover to cover. You don't need to memorize everything or to know everything in the book. Build a knowledge base to build on throughout the course.

4 Take notes in every geography class

Take notes in every geography class, and study all notes you take daily until the night before the exam. Read the chapters ahead of time, using each chapter's learning objectives to guide your highlighting efforts. Go back over the highlighted sections of your text a week before the exam.

5 Form

Form a study group consisting of geography students taking the same professor. Quiz each other on geography lessons. Thoroughly cover each chapter so that you could come close to doing the oral version of the exam.

6 Reduce studying time

Reduce studying time the night before the exam. You risk mixing your data and selecting the wrong answers on the exam if you wait till the last day to study. Studying is a long-term process, the longer you take to study, the longer the information stays with you.

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