How to Do a Daily Devotional

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A daily devotional is essential to maintain a right relationship with God. A devotional enables you to face your days with God on your side. No matter your denomination or faith, spending at least 15 minutes focusing on Gods' word and listening to His direction for your life will keep you on the right track.

1 Your daily devotional.

2 Find a time during your day or evening

Find a time during your day or evening that you can spend without distraction. Give yourself at least 15 minutes to pray and meditate on Gods' word.

3 Select a translation

Select a translation of the Bible that you are comfortable with. The New international and the Amplified Bible are recommended for ease of reading and understanding.

4 Before you begin reading

Before you begin reading, spend time in prayer asking for God to give you understanding and wisdom to use what you learn in your daily life.

5 Use your daily devotional guide

Use your daily devotional guide to focus your devotion time on a few verses at a time. Tackling chapters at a time is not recommended because too much information at once can discourage you and lead to quiting all together.

6 Read the verses

Read the verses you are focusing on and look for emphasis in every individual word then each sentence and then each paragraph. Use your note pad to right down things that stand out to you. During your next devotional time you can spend time researching the things that stood out to you the day before. Use a Bible Dictionary to help you with difficult words and a concordance to help you understand content.

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