State Poster Project Ideas

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Whether for school or for a state pride picnic, creating a state poster can bring you entertainment and education. Research the state, and as you learn about it, write down those interesting and striking features of the state. A well-arranged and prepared state poster includes informative and beautiful, rather than purely attractive, pictures. For ideas, look to the state’s history, natural features and human culture.

1 State Flag Poster

Possibly the simplest poster idea (depending on the state), the state flag poster utilizes the recognizable state flag to remind people of the state’s heritage. In the top two-thirds of the poster, draw the state flag using markers or colored pencils. Under the flag, write the reason behind the adoption of the flag. Or, you could cover the whole poster with the state flag and include descriptions of features on the flag. For example, if you create a South Carolina state poster, include a little description of why the state included the palmetto tree.

2 State Slogan

States, much like businesses, develop slogans that represent the state in the public consciousness. For a state slogan poster, use the slogan to develop the images on the poster. For example, you could use California’s slogan of “Find Yourself Here” to create a poster-sized map. At each of the major cities, place a cut-out of something or someone that signifies the city, such as a movie star for Hollywood or a "techie" in Silicon Valley. For New Jersey’s “We’ll Win You Over,” include pictures of the slot machines at New Jersey’s Atlantic City.

3 State Features

You can create a poster for a state by cutting images of the state’s most recognizable features and gluing them together on a poster board. For example, a Georgia “features” poster includes houses in Savannah, the World of Coke in Atlanta and the Chatahoochie River. For a more individual poster, orient your poster toward a type of feature, such as music halls or famous women from the state. Shape your poster like the state, and place the images by their actual location.

Donny Quinn has been writing professionally since 2002 and has been published on various websites. He writes technical manuals for a variety of companies, including restaurants, hotels and salons. Quinn is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English at Georgia State University.