The Proper Way to Fold the Texas Flag

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The Texas state flag is one of the most recognizable state flags in the United States. The flag of Texas dates back to 1839, six years prior to Texas becoming a state in 1845. The state flag is a source of pride and identity for Texans, and as such it is venerated, with a statute that states how it is to be handled and displayed. Section 3100.073 of the Texas Government Code describes the proper way to fold the flag.

1 Fold the flag down the center

Fold the flag down the center horizontally. The red side of the flag should be on top and the white side on the bottom.

2 Fold the flag horizontally again

Fold the flag horizontally again. The red portion of the flag will be on the inside and the white portion exposed. Hold the flag so that the blue portion is on top and the star is facing down.

3 Fold the corner

Starting at the white portion of the flag, fold the corner up to create a small triangle. Keeping folding the flag as such until the entire triangle is blue with part of the star remaining.

4 Tuck the remaining portion

Tuck the remaining portion of the flag into the open fold. This will keep the flag from unfolding.

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