The Effects of Culture & Diversity on America

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The United States is the most culturally diverse country in the world in terms of culture, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation. The variety found in the U.S. has created a unique culture that is unlike anywhere else in the world.

1 History

What is now the U.S. was initially inhabited by indigenous peoples until the land was settled by various European groups and African slaves. Since the 20th century, the country has become a haven for people from all over the globe.

2 Urbanization

The influx of immigrants has shifted populations from rural areas into cities because immigrants tend to inhabit urban areas. At present, 81 percent of the inhabitants in the U.S. live in cities.

3 Multicultural Cities

Cultural and ethnic diversity adds a unique flavor to cities that is expressed through distinct neighborhoods, restaurants, places of worship, museums, nightlife and multicultural learning environments.

4 Arts

Unique musical forms, such as jazz, rock and roll, Chicano music and the blues, were cultivated in the U.S. by mixing a variety of culturally distinct musical traditions to create a new form.

5 Representation

Diversity in the U.S. has greatly impacted the political landscape. At the executive level, the country is headed by a mixed-race president; two posts on the Supreme Court are held by members of the country's two largest minorities; and there is diversity in state and local governments.

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