How to Get Started Doing Gold Grills

A general dentist is qualified to do grills.

Gold grills, which are a piece of metal made to fit over your teeth, giving the impression that your teeth are made of gold, are something that a qualified dentist needs to create on an individual basis. However, they are essentially jewelry for your teeth. While gold grills are created the same way as certain medical apparatus for the teeth, they have no medical purpose. They are strictly ornamental. If you are interested in getting started with the process of doing gold grills for patients to help them improve their appearance, then you will need to attend dental school to learn the procedure and receive the appropriate qualifications.

Shadow a dentist who offers gold grills and watch the process being done. While you’re there, check out some other procedures. A cosmetic dentist can be a good choice to shadow since they’re more likely to offer nonmedical services, such as gold grills.

Apply to dental schools while receiving your undergraduate degree. Before you can do gold grills yourself, you must become a licensed dentist in your state. To apply, you will need to pass the Dental Admission Test and submit your application materials during your third or fourth year.

Send applications to as many dental schools as you can. This will maximize your chances of getting into at least one of them. Expect an in-person interview to be a part of the process before you get into a dental school.

Take all of your classes very seriously in dental school, and pay special attention when learning the procedures involved in doing grills. The main procedure is taking a dental impression of the person’s tooth. This is also done to create dentures and crowns and to fit retainers.

Get some practice with the procedure yourself while you’re still a student via hands-on training. During training, you will work with a licensed dentist to take the impressions, which are used to create the gold grills and other dental apparatus for patients. Once you are a licensed dentist, you can open your own practice and offer gold grills as a service.

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