If you take out your new earrings too quickly after getting your ears pierced, the holes will close up as your earlobes heal. You must leave your earrings in until the wounds are completely healed around them, which usually takes about six weeks. Piercings on other parts of the body also tend to take about six weeks to heal. To be sure, follow the advice of your doctor or a qualified piercer before removing any new piercing.

While You’re Waiting

Clean your earrings and the piercing site once or twice every day. Wash your hands thoroughly first, then use a cotton ball or swab to gently wash your earlobe and the piercing site with rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or antibacterial soap. After cleaning, gently turn the earring so that it spins in the hole. This ensures that your skin does not heal around the earring and stick to it. While your ear piercings are healing, avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, and natural water reservoirs or rivers that may contain dirt and contaminants. Keep your fingers away from your ears, too.