Vampire Teeth Implants

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People who go through the discomfort and expense of getting vampire teeth implants are not getting them just to make a fashion statement. They are trying to transform their bodies into either a real vampire or psychic vampire or they are pursuing extreme body modification. Getting teeth implants is part of, but not a requirement, of the flourishing vampire scene.

1 Function

Vampire teeth implants are usually for cosmetic purposes and are not strong enough to actually pierce the skin of someone's neck. The teeth are usually removable, fitting over the original tooth, but can be more permanent, like a cap. Getting vampire teeth implants can be a big commitment to the modern vampire lifestyle.

2 Types

The most common type of fang implant is like a hat for your regular canine teeth. You slip them on over your canines and then take them out when you want. Ready-made fangs made of dental acrylics are adjusted to fit your mouth by drill. The more permanent type of vampire fang implant needs to be done by a sympathetic cosmetic dentist. The process for fitting them is the same as for a cap. Your original tooth is filed down to a slim line so the cap will fit on. These cannot be taken on and off, unless they are fitted like a bridge to a wire apparatus that slips into your mouth.

3 Size

Vampire tooth implants are available at various lengths, but having them as small as possible makes them feel more natural in your mouth and do not interfere with your speech. The cost varies wildly, depending on which type you get and how professional the fitter is. The removable type averages $100, as of 2008, for two fangs. You may be able to arrange a payment plan with a cosmetic dentist. Dental insurance classifies vampire fang implants as cosmetic and will not pay any of the cost.

4 Warning

Your teeth must be in good health in order to withstand the implants. If your teeth are rotting, hurting or if you have chronic gum disease, it's not recommended that you get vampire teeth implants.

5 Considerations

It will take a while to adjust to the feel of the new teeth in your mouth. You may have to learn how to eat and speak all over again because the teeth may get in the way. Because of the cost and the discomfort, some people only get the top canines done and leave the bottom teeth alone.

Rena Sherwood is a writer and Peter Gabriel fan who has lived in America and England. She has studied animals most of her life through direct observation and maintaining a personal library about pets. She has earned an associate degree in liberal arts from Delaware County Community College and a bachelor's degree in English from Millersville University.