Spiked bangs have come a long way since the days of punk rock -- they can often be found in the mix with many styles of hairdos. Getting bangs to stay spiked all day takes some serious styling product. If your sky-high bangs look more like waves than stiff peaks, you don’t have to suffer through another day of red cheeks. A quick trip to pick up the right hair products is all you need to return your spikes to their upright condition.

Step 1

Wash your hair to remove oil or other styling products which may hinder the effectiveness of the gel and hair putty. If your hair is clean but dry, dampen it with water before you start styling.

Step 2

Dry your wet hair by rubbing it gently with a towel for 30 to 60 seconds. Your hair should be damp before styling, but not sopping wet.

Step 3

Comb the back portion of your hair into the desired style and comb your bangs straight down along your forehead.

Step 4

Squeeze a dime-sized amount of extra-hold hair gel into the palm of one hand and rub both hands together to distribute it evenly.

Step 5

Insert your fingers at the base of the bangs and rub them all the way through to the tips. As you do this, lift the bangs straight up from your head. Don’t worry about the look at this point, since you are only spreading the styling gel through the hair strands.

Step 6

Plug in a hair dryer and set it to medium heat. Hold your bangs straight up from your head using either a brush or your hand and turn the blow dryer on, aiming the heat at your bangs and focusing on the roots at the front. Continue drying the bangs until no moisture remains. Drying the bangs in the upright position gives extra lift to the roots and prevents them from drooping during the day.

Step 7

Spread a pea-sized amount of hair putty over the fingers of one or both hands.

Step 8

Distribute the putty through your bangs working from the roots to the tips. Hold the hair straight up away from your head as you do so.

Step 9

Grasp small pieces of your bangs in between your thumb and forefinger and twist once to create thicker spikes.

Step 10

Leave the hair putty to dry completely before you touch your hair once it has been styled, or the spikes may fall and droop.


  • Don't get the hair dryer too close to your skin, since severe burns can occur. In addition, the hair-dryer heat can singe your bangs if held too close to the hair.


  • Hair putty washes out easily with shampoo.