How to Get More Space on a Samsung Prevail Phone

There are many ways to manage space on your Samsung Prevail.
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The Samsung Prevail's internal memory and microSD card may fill up quickly with apps, app data or other files. If you want to delete apps or associated app data, you can use the Applications settings menu, and you can delete other individual files using a third-party app. If you still need more storage or don't want to delete anything, you can replace the microSD card. The Prevail comes with a 2 gigabyte microSD card, but it accepts cards with a capacity of up to 32 gigabytes.

1 Deleting Apps and App Data

2 Tap

Tap the Home button and then the Menu button. This will return you to your home screen and bring up the system menu.

3 Tap the Settings icon

Tap the Settings icon and tap the "Applications" section. Tap "Manage applications" to bring up a list of your installed apps.

4 Select the app

Select the app that you wish to clear data from or uninstall.

5 Clear cache

Tap "Clear cache" in order to clear the stored app information. Depending on the app, this screen may also have a button labeled "Clear defaults." Tap this if you wish to clear the stored default information and settings for that app.

6 Tap Uninstall

Tap "Uninstall" to uninstall the app completely.

7 Third-Party File Management

8 Download a file management app from the Google Play Store

Download a file management app from the Google Play Store. File Manager, ES File Explorer and ASTRO File Manager are among the free file management apps available in the Google Play Store. If your memory is critically low, you may not have room to download one of these apps. In this case, free up some space by deleting some existing apps or app data.

9 Open your file management app

Open your file management app.

10 Locate any unnecessary files

Locate any unnecessary files in your file management app and delete them. Different file management apps have different buttons for this function. In many, you may have to press the relevant file's icon until the file options appear.

11 SD Card Upgrade

12 Connect the Prevail to your computer

Connect the Prevail to your computer. You may need to swipe down from the top of your Prevail home screen, tap "USB connected" and tap "Turn on USB storage" in order for your computer to recognize your Prevail.

13 Open the Prevail's in File Explorer

Open the Prevail's microSD card storage in File Explorer. Your microSD card should appear under "Removable Storage."

14 Drag any files

Drag any files you wish to save from your microSD card to your computer's desktop or another location on your computer's hard drive. The files on the microSD card should be organized into folders corresponding to different media types.

15 Disconnect your Prevail from your computer

Disconnect your Prevail from your computer once you have finished transferring files.

16 Tap the Home icon

Tap the Home icon and then the Menu icon.

17 Tap the Settings icon

Tap the Settings icon. Select "SD card & phone storage" and then select "Unmount SD card." This will allow you to safely remove the microSD card. Turn off your phone once you have unmounted the SD card.

18 Flip off the cover

Flip off the cover of the microSD slot on the side of your Prevail. Press the card inward to release it.

19 Take out the microSD card

Take out the microSD card and replace it with the new one.

20 Reconnect your phone to your computer

Reconnect your phone to your computer if you wish to transfer the files from your old microSD card to the new one. If these files are not critical, you may wish to do this at a later time in order to maximize your newly expanded storage.

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