Where Is the Sleep Button Located on a Mini iPad?

The iPad Mini offers a compact, 7.9-inch interface.
... Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Sleep/Wake button sits on the top right corner of the iPad Mini. This placement does not change between the original iPad Mini and the 2013 Retina display model. In additional to putting the iPad Mini to sleep, the Sleep/Wake button also opens the option to fully power down the device.

1 Using the Sleep/Wake Button

Quickly pressing the Sleep/Wake button turns off the display and places the iOS device into a low-energy state to help conserve battery life. When in this mode, the iPad saves your place, so you can quickly return to work by pressing the button a second time. When resuming from Sleep mode, you'll need to slide to unlock the screen and/or enter your unlock pass code. By pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button, the iPad Mini presents the option to fully power down the device, which is recommended for extended storage.

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