It’s normal to wonder how a guy friend feels about you. Whether you want more or you think he does but you don't, figuring out his feelings could determine your behavior. Look for obvious and subtle signs that he wants to take your friendship to the next level. If you are open to a romantic relationship, let him take the lead, advises dating coach and author Christian Carter on eHarmony. Otherwise, clarify where you stand.

He’s Definitely Interested

If your friend is interested in you, he will listen to what you say with more intensity, make eye contact, ask questions and remember what you say, suggests relationship coach Marni Battista, writing for YourTango. He will ask for your input and show that he values your opinion. He will consider you relationship equals, according to psychiatrist Paul Dobransky, as cited in “Cosmopolitan.”

You in His Life

When a guy wants to move from friendship to a romantic relationship, he will increase the amount of exposure you have in his life, asserts Battista. As friends, you might already know one another’s family and friends, but he may broadcast signs to others that he’s interested in you, such as touching more often and including you in more activities. He will step up the number of phone calls, texts, emails and in-person time you have. He will tell you his schedule and list various activities he would like to do with you in the distant future, making it clear that he hopes you have a future together.

Unique and Respected

If he is interested in more, he'll let you know that you are unique in his life, notes Dobransky. He might say "No one has ever made me feel this way" or "I don't know anyone I'd rather be with." When he knows your limits are important to you and violating them will drive you away, he will honor them and wait for intimacies when you are comfortable giving them, writes Battista. He will be careful of your feelings, treating you with respect and deference. He might open doors for you or take more care with you.

Listen to His Words

When a guy is moving toward a deeper relationship, his words may signal his intention. He might share work or class details with you more fully and give you credit when your suggestions help him succeed, according to Dobransky. He could ask you if you are interested in anyone special or open to dating. When he gets a positive response from you, he could ask you for a date or if you are interested in dating him.