Communication is important to keep relationships strong. Sometimes, couples struggle with sharing their feelings when they are upset about something. If communication breaks down and feelings are not shared, the relationship can weaken. If you sense something is wrong with your girlfriend, it's important to talk to her about her feelings. By letting her know you are concerned and showing you are a good listener, she is more likely to open up to you in the future.

Step 1

Pick the right time to ask your girlfriend about her feelings. It's not a good idea to approach her when friends are around or if she's focused on something else. Choose a time when things seem relaxed and you don't have to worry about interruptions. Make sure you choose a place with enough privacy so she won't worry about anyone overhearing her.

Step 2

Let her know you are concerned about her feelings. You can say something like, "I've noticed you've been really quiet lately, and I'm worried that you are upset about something." If, instead, you insist you know something is wrong and demand she tell you, that might put her on the spot and cause her to clam up.

Step 3

Listen closely when she starts to talk about how she feels. Show you are listening by focusing all of your attention on her. Try not to get defensive if she says she is upset with you or has concerns about your relationship. After hearing her out, share your feelings. If she is upset about something outside of your relationship, offer support and suggestions on how to handle the situation.

Step 4

Keep the dialogue going and encourage your girlfriend to open up to you the next time she is upset. As she learns she can share her feelings with you, your relationship will become stronger.

Step 5

Talk to your girlfriend whenever something goes wrong in your life. By sharing your concerns with her, you will give her the opportunity to reciprocate and listen when something is wrong with you. Knowing that you get upset from time to time may make her feel more comfortable opening up with her feelings.