What Does It Mean When a Guy Is Shy Around You but Outgoing With Others?

When a man is shy around you and only you -- he may just want to make a good impression.
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If a guy is shy around you, but outgoing with others, this could mean several things, but overall, means that he is uneasy around you for some reason. In many cases, this is a sign that he wants to make a good impression and is nervous about saying the wrong thing, says professional counselor and relationship coach Yangki Christine Akiteng. In other cases, he might be intimidated by you and not know what to say.

1 Figuring Out the Shyness

If the guy who acts shy around you hangs out with the same social group as you and is typically kind and friendly, he may have a crush on you, and he may become anxious about what to say when you are around. For example, if he makes awkward but kind conversation or if he blushes or smiles when you do talk, this is probably a sign that he has romantic feelings for you. However, if you are in different social circles, his shyness may stem from worries that you are not interested in him or that you two have nothing in common. If this happens, think about whether you might have blown him off in the past or that you may have acted in a way that he perceived as rude. If you have exceptional talent, such as in the arts, sports or academics or are always surrounded by other men, this guy may act shy because he is afraid you will reject him if he approaches you.

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