What Should I Do If a Girl Who Barely Knows Me Claims to Love Me?

Give her some time to get to know you better.
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It's not impossible for a girl to fall for you -- even if she's seen you only from a distance or has hung out with you only for a short while, suggests Frederic Neuman, in his Psychology Today article, “What Does It Take to Fall in Love?” Her feelings could have developed from seeing how you dress, hearing how you speak or from watching how you interact with others. You may be concerned, however, about how genuine her feelings are and how you feel about her.

1 Know If It's Love or Infatuation

Sometimes, it can be challenging to tell the difference between an infatuated obsession and real love. She may not even be aware of what she is really feeling. Both infatuation and love describe an intense desire for the object of your affection, according to “Like, Lust or Love?” on the TwoOfUs website. However, infatuation is self-focused, whereas love is selfless. The girl is infatuated if she is more concerned with your looks, how you make her feel and will want to be with you at all costs. If she’s actually in love with you, then along with a desire to be close, she will want what is best for you -- even if that means that you can’t be together.

2 How You Feel About Her

You will want to take some time to consider how you feel about her, according to TwoOfUs. Having someone like you can be flattering, but it’s not necessarily a sign that you should develop feelings for her. Try to think about what you know about her. Think about whether you find her physically attractive. Consider whether you are more intrigued or put off by the idea that she likes you. If you are not already involved with someone, then a relationship with this girl may not be out of the question.

3 Get to Know Her Better

Spend some time getting to know her better, notes the article, "How to Tell If Someone Likes You," on WebMD. It is possible that you may find her as interesting as she finds you. This could be an opportunity for you to get more familiar with her. Exchange phone numbers. Call, text or connect online via social media. Talk about your interests -- the sports you like to play, and your favorite actors and hobbies. Getting to know each other better may also help her determine if her feelings for you are really “love” or just “infatuation.”

4 Just Friends

If you are not interested in having a relationship with her or you're involved with someone else, then you can still be friends. You can progress from barely knowing each other to sharing things you have in common. Through talking and spending time together, you may discover that you have shared interests, values or beliefs, notes WebMD. You can build a valuable friendship around the things that you both enjoy doing.

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