Do Romantic Feelings Develop Over Time?

Romance can develop either quickly or slowly, but love usually takes time to grow.
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Because every relationship and individual’s experience is different, some romantic feelings develop over time while others experience “love at first sight.” Both instantaneous romantic feelings and slow-developing romance are common, but feelings that develop over time more often lead to genuine love and lasting relationships, explains psychologist Linda Blair in the article “Could You Fall in Love at First Sight?” published on "Psychologies Magazine" online.

1 Instant Romance Versus Developing Romance

Romantic feelings that come about instantly almost always stem from physical attraction or other superficial characteristics, since you have not yet had time to learn about the individual’s personality or character. Over time, these feelings can evolve into love based on other traits, such as shared interests, values and goals. Romantic feelings that develop over time may follow a similar path. For example, platonic friends may develop romantic feelings after spending time together and realizing they are a good match. Regardless of how long it takes for romantic feelings to develop, love -- as opposed to lust or infatuation -- almost always develops over time.

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