Salvation Message Craft for Preschoolers

Help reinforce the importance of her faith and prayers with simple crafts.
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The message of salvation is an important part of your Christian faith and one that you can't wait to share with your little munchkin in a way that he'll understand. You can help him on his road to Christian understanding with some crafts that help to teach and reinforce this special message. Each one provides a lasting reminder of your message along with some beautiful crafts he can show off with pride.

1 Cross Bible Bookmark

Create a special keepsake during craft time that your munchkin can use to keep place in the Bible for your next reading time. You can use a variety of different materials for the craft, such as construction paper, poster board or some thin cardboard. Cut the shape of a cross from the material. Coat the entire cross with his favorite color paint. Let it dry, flip it over and paint the other side, too. When all the paint is dry, let him use his imagination to decorate the cross bookmark with crayons or markers. Make one for yourself during craft time too and now you and your munchkin have matching bookmarks to mark the pages in both of your Bibles. If there's a chance the paint may bleed onto your Bible, you can laminate it once the craft is complete.

2 Victory Crown

A king or queen is great but a child of victory is even better! Help your munchkin make a victory crown to help celebrate Jesus’ victory over death and the promise of eternal life. You may have made other crowns with your kiddo before, but let this one stand out like no other. Cut an intricate crown shape from poster board before craft time. Transform that paper into a shiny crown with silver or gold metallic spray paint. If you don't have any, cover the crown with a smooth layer of aluminum foil instead. Now it's time to pull out the real embellishments for the crown. Let your youngster adorn her victory crown with a sparkling layer of glitter and glue, and then make it even grander with glue-on imitation gemstones and rhinestones. If she's a younger toddler, help her with the gemstones or rhinestones or find larger embellishments instead to avoid choking hazards.

3 Picture Heart

Make a heartwarming heart for the home during craft time to reinforce the salvation message for your little munchkin. Start with a simple heart cutout from construction paper or poster board. Write the words “Jesus Loves Us” along the top of the heart. Have your munchkin decorate the heart with whatever craft supplies you have available. When she's all done and the heart is dry, glue on individual pictures of all your family members and maybe even a special friend or two. Hang the heart in your munchkin's bedroom, on the kitchen fridge or in a central place in the living room for everyone to see.

4 Butterfly Transformation

Start this craft with a discussion about how salvation is like the transformation of the butterfly. Before Christ, there is the creepy, crawly caterpillar. With Christ, a Christian's new life is like a beautiful butterfly. Instead of being stuck crawling along the ground, the butterfly is set free to fly. To reinforce the message, it's craft time! Make a large construction paper cutout of a butterfly ahead of time and let your little munchkin transform the plain paper figure into a beautiful butterfly fit to soar through the skies. Bring out the paints, markers, sparkly stickers, glitter and glue. Have her paint one side of the butterfly and then fold it in half to introduce a little bit about symmetry. When you open it back up, let her see the symmetrical painting on the other side.

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