Fun & Easy Crafts for Lessons About God's Forgiveness

Teach children about forgiveness at church.

You can teach children about God´s forgiveness through entertaining crafts that will hold their attention much more than a sermon from the pastor. Explain what the purpose of the activity is and why it is similar to a certain Bible story or parable that talks about God’s love and forgiveness. Just remember to make any crafts Biblically-based since God's teachings are the main focus of the activities.

1 God’s Sheep

Tell the children the parable of the lost sheep. You can read Luke 15: 3-7. Explain to the children how much the shepherd loved his sheep and when he believed one to be lost, he took the time to find it. Explain how some people are like the lost sheep, and God loves them so much that he seeks them when they stray. Give each child cotton balls and a previously cut out sheep’s face, ears, and legs. Help children glue the pieces together. Add a smiling mouth with a marker and glue googly eyes in place. After the craft project is finished, let the children role play the shepherd and the lost sheep.

2 Sunday Cross Collage

Make a cross collage by giving each child a cardboard cut in the shape of a cross. Ask children to glue shell macaroni, leaves, buttons, seeds, noodles or any other collage materials you can find. Once the children finish their collage, remind them that the cross symbolizes God’s forgiveness and tremendous love for us. Explain that it offers new hope and promises for mankind. Explain to children how when Jesus Christ died on the cross God forgave all mankind for their sins and that the cross represents God´s self-sacrifice for the love of man.

3 Scribble Game

Ask the children to scribble on a piece of paper using pencils. Explain that sin can be like scribble. Ask the children to erase their scribbles. Read Colossians 3:13 which says: “Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you”. Explain that the erased scribbles are like God erasing our sins and forgiving us.

4 Forgiveness Heart

Cut out red felt hearts and give children two heart shapes. Ask them to punch holes into the outside edges of the two hearts as they match them exactly. Give them ribbon to lace through the holes, making a pocket-shape heart. Instruct the children to decorate the heart as desired using the art materials being provided. Place Bible verses of forgiveness inside the pocket.

Naoma Serna began writing in 2009 and has written for several online publications like Boomers Abroad and Point South Magazine. She is pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in French literature and has other specialized interests in photographic art, computer technology and fine arts.