Bible Lesson About Lydia for Preschoolers

Use body responses when reading to preschoolers to engage him fully in the meaning.
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As a Christian parent, you want to evoke an eagerness to learn about God and His love in your child. A Bible lesson about Lydia provides the opportunity to illustrate for your preschooler how to respond to the good news about Jesus through a variety of activities that engage multiple senses to hold a young child's attention. After leading your little one through the basics of the gospel that Lydia heard from Paul, brainstorm together ways he can tell his friends about Jesus so they can hear the good news too.

1 Story Time

Snuggle up under a blanket or on a soft cushion or bean bag for story time with your child. Read a simple, illustrated version of Lydia's story from a children's Bible or Bible storybook. Or tell the story with puppets or stuffed animals to draw your children into the story with physical involvement.

2 Dramatic Play

Play dress up and act out Lydia's conversion and invitation to Paul and his companions. Take turns playing the different parts while talking about how God is ready to save anyone who wants to make Him part of her life and learn more about Him. Ask your child if his heart is open to learning about Jesus and obeying His commands. Let him know that God loves him so much that He sent Jesus to open the door to allow your child to be friends with God, so He is very happy when your child wants to be friends with Him too.

3 Sing Time

Songs engage the creative parts of the brain to impart a message musically for children who learn best through melody and rhythm. Calvary Chapel Island of Grace suggests one possible song to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" to tell the story of Lydia through music, “Lydia was there that day, there that day, there that day. Lydia was there that day at the place of prayer. As she listened to Paul’s words, to Paul’s words, to Paul’s words, as she listened to Paul’s words the Lord opened up her heart. She began to trust in Him, trust in Him, trust in Him. She began to trust in Him and obey the words he spoke. Be like Lydia and seek the Lord, seek the Lord, seek the Lord. Be like Lydia and seek the Lord. Keep your heart open to His word.”

4 Craft

Craft time gives you time to reinforce the lessons of Lydia through dialogue while developing motor skills at the same time. The story relates that Lydia was a "seller of purple," so young children can imitate Lydia by dyeing a small piece of white cloth using purple markers. Or do a short science demonstration showing how red and blue make purple and let your child dip her cloth in the food coloring. Explain that when a person invites Jesus to be her friend, He transforms her heart completely just as you are changing the cloth into something new.

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