Requirements for a Marriage License in the Philippines

Marriage is serious business in the Phillippines.

Marriage in the Philippines take some planning and there are requirements that don't follow those of Western nations. It is a good idea to know the requirements and procedures before visiting the civil registrar to apply for a license.

1 The Initial Appearance before the Civil Registrar

The couple must appear in person at the local civil registrar to apply for the marriage license. Each applicant must submit a sworn application for the license. There may be a fee for the marriage license. If the applicant has been married before, they will need to submit a death certificate or judicial decree of divorce. Two witnesses of legal age are required.

2 Age Requirements

Each applicant must submit a birth certificate, a parental consent for applicants 18 to 21 years or age, or a parental advice form for applicants 21 to 25 years of age. The parents consent form is mandatory. The parents advice form is notification that the parents are aware that the applicant is getting married. If the parents advise against the marriage, the couple must wait three months. The age of consent in the Philippines is 18. If the applicants haven't been married before, they must give the full name, residence, and citizenship of their parents or guardians.

3 Other Rules

No license is necessary for a couple who have lived together as man and wife for five years. A certificate of attendance to a pre-marital counseling seminar conducted by the Division of Maternal and Child health. There is a 10-day waiting period and the license is in force for 120 days

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