How to Request a Principal Reference Letter for Primary One

A primary principal can share information about how well you work with students at that age level.

Primary one, or early childhood as it is more commonly called, is the first section of education children receive. If you hope to teach in primary one, or preschool, kindergarten or first or second grade, it is important to have the right qualifications. You can show these qualifications through reference letters. A principal reference letter, which is one from a principal that supervised you at one point, is especially helpful in obtaining a new job.

Contact your former principal in writing, over the phone or in person. Remind him of who you are and when you worked for him, if you feel it has been long enough that he might not remember you by name.

Ask formally for a reference letter. It is easiest to do this in writing, as the principal will have information to write the letter. If you speak to him in person or over the phone, bring or send a note with the specifications for the reference letter included so he knows what you are looking for.

Explain the job in a primary school that you hope to obtain with his letter of reference. This is another point where it is a good idea to have information written down for him. Tell him about the school and the duties you will be expected to preform, so that he may mention these things when he writes the letter.

Give the principal the date by which the letter needs to be turned in. Be sure to provide him with the address and contact information for the letter receiver so he might complete your request on time.

  • It is a good idea to ask for a reference letter several weeks in advance, or as soon as you know you may need one. This gives your principal a while to get the letter written on his own time.

Terrance Karter has served as a reporter, reviewer and columnist for "The Exponent," as well as a contributor to the "Shelterbelt," both based in northeast South Dakota. Karter holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from Northern State University in South Dakota.