How to Write a Letter to My Principal

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There are many different reasons that a student or parent might want to write a letter to their school principal. These include to address an issue, make a suggestion, ask a question or just to get to know the principal. No matter the reasoning behind it, a letter to the principal should be written in a formal business format.

1 Decide if you

Decide if you are going to send the letter to the principal via mail or deliver it personally. If you want to send it via mail, including your address as well as the school’s address before the greeting on your letter in proper business format. If you are going to turn the letter in at the office, addresses aren’t necessary. However, make sure that the principal knows how to get a response letter back to you, such as putting your home room number and teacher on the letter.

2 Enter down two lines

Enter down two lines and then write your greeting using "Dear Principal' and then the principal’s full name. If you don’t know his first name, you can just use his last name. Follow your greeting with a semicolon.

3 Enter down two lines-2

Enter down two lines before you start the body of your letter. Address the reason why you are writing the letter in your first sentence so that there is no confusion about the topic of your letter. Be very cordial and professional when writing the body of your letter while still expressing your point.

4 Remind the principal

Remind the principal how you can be contacted by reiterating your contact information. It is proper to give two different ways to contact you, such as a phone number and an email address.

5 Enter down two lines-3

Enter down two lines and write your salutation. "Sincerely yours" is a professional closing typically used in business letters.

6 Enter down two lines-4

Enter down two lines and sign your letter. If you are typing your letter, enter down four lines and type your name. You should sign your name above your typed name.

7 Proofread your letter for any spelling

Proofread your letter for any spelling, grammatical or structural errors. Catching errors before the final draft of your letter is sent to the principal is important in order to come across as professionally as possible.

Lindsey Fisher began writing professionally in 2010. Fisher has been published in the online magazine “Domestic Driver.” She graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and technical communications with a minor in sociology.