Etiquette for a Letter to a Foreign Embassy

Foreign ambassadors expect to be addressed with appropriate respect.
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When you address a letter to a foreign embassy, it's important to follow the correct protocols. Addressing your correspondence properly shows respect for the ambassador and the government he or she represents. It also increases the likelihood that your communication will be well-received.

1 Proper Protocols

Address letters to a foreign ambassador to "His Excellency" or "Her Excellency" followed by the ambassador's full name. This should be followed by "the Ambassador of" and the government the embassy represents, "the Embassy of" and the country represented and the mailing address of the embassy. For example, you would address the Australian ambassador as:

His Excellency Kim Beazley Ambassador of Australia The Embassy of Australia 1601 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC 20036

For your letter's salutation, you may address an ambassador as "Excellency," "Dear Mr. Ambassador" or "Dear Madam Ambassador."

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