Learn about the winter weather with a January-themed activity.

If you think that stepping out of preschool and into your house means that your little one suddenly stops learning, think again. Themes that preschools regularly use for group activities and lessons are just as valid -- when it comes to your child's education -- at home as they are in school. Moms who are looking for these types of theme ideas for the month of January can try an array of awesome activities that focus on the weather, the calendar and even holidays.

January Weather

Brrr! It's cold outside in January, and your preschooler knows it. Create a concoction of in-home lessons that focus on a January weather theme. Include pre-k science activities, such as a daily weather observation for which your child notes if it is snowing, sunny or just plain cold by making his own drawing or a temperature monitoring chart. If your young artist wants to get crafty, have him make January weather-themed projects, such as a snowy landscape finger painting with blue construction paper as the sky and white paint as snow or a snowman sculpture made from balls of white modeling clay. Don't forget to add in a few winter weather-themed books for literacy learning. Try out Ezra Jack Keats' "The Snowy Day" or "Dream Snow" by Eric Carle.


Celebrate January holidays and create an array of themed preschool activities, projects and lessons. Start the year of with a New Year's Day theme that includes calendar activities -- such as making your own date book -- or create an abstract art confetti collage. Midway through the month, change the theme to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Print out Dr. King coloring pages from a kids' activity or educational website for your child to decorate and read books, such as "Martin Luther King Day" by Linda Lowry or "The Story of Martin Luther KIng Jr." by Johnny Ray Moore.

January Clothes

Help your little learner discover the difference between warm and cold by thematic January clothing activities. From art projects to silly songs, you can populate your themed lessons with cold weather clothing activities. Have your child make her own paper dolls that she can dress up with winter coats, snow pants and hats. Another crafty option is to create collage mittens. Pre-cut construction paper mittens and have your preschooler decorate them with colorful tissue paper and glue. Sing a winter clothes-themed song to the traditional tune "The Wheels on the Bus." Instead of singing, "The wheels on the bus go round and round," switch it up and say, "The gloves on my hands keep me warm" or "The hat on my head keeps me warm."

Letter Theme

J is for January. Help your preschooler build his budding literacy skills with a January letter theme. Start by writing the word "January" or showing him the letters on a calendar. Discuss the first sound of the word and have him identify the letter for you. Try a few simple writing activities in which you pencil the word "January" first and he traces over it with a marker or a crayon. After he starts to connect the letter and the word for the month, move on to new J words or keep the winter month theme going by picking new letters for other cold weather words such as "S is for snow" or "C is for cold."