Standardized tests have become all the rage in today's school system. It is imperative for a student to do well on these tests because these standardized tests occur before, during and after high school as well. One such test is the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), which, with some studying and preparation, can be mastered in no time.

Determine the grade level of the independent school entrance exam. The three subsets of the exam are grades 5 and 6, grades 7 and 8 and grade 9 through 12. Each level tests a different difficulty level.

Obtain sample questions for the test. The Internet is a good resource for this. A student will more comfortable with a test if they know what types of questions are on the test.

Test as early as possible. This way the pressure to pass the test near the deadline date doesn't interfere with testing performance.

Consider purchasing an ISEE testing tutorial manual. These manuals are devoted specifically to the ISEE test.

Understand that the student can test only once in a 6-month period and formal practice tests are not allowed. Once the test is official, that is it for next 6 months. So make sure the student is ready for the exam. They cannot have the attitude that will just be able to take the test again in a few months.