How to Create Tasks in Different Colors on Google Calendar

You can access your calendars using your mobile devices.
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You can use the Google Calendar service to create new events and keep track of existing ones. Although Google notifies you via text messages, emails or popups when your events are due, you can assign different colors to the events. All events are displayed in your calendar, so assigning them different colors enables you to better visualize and keep track of them. You don't have the option to add a color to an event when you create it, but you can add it from the Edit Event page.

Navigate to Google Calendar (link in Resources) and log in to your Google account if necessary.

Click the calendar that contains the events you want to edit in the My Calendars section and then locate the event you want to edit.

Click the event, then click the "Edit Event" link. If you are creating a new event, choose a date and then click one of the spots in the right pane to create a one-hour event. If the event lasts more than one hour, click and drag to select several hours. Type the details of the event and then click the "Edit Event" link.

Click the color you want to use for the event in the Event Color section. You can change the notification settings from the same page, in case you want to stop Google from texting you.

Click the "Save" button to save and apply the changes and then preview the changes in the calendar. Remember, you can change the color again at any time.

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