Teachers should consider the skills they have developed from acquiring their teaching degrees and working in schools. If a job asks for a specific set of skills, teachers can use their prior teaching experience as evidence for their capabilities in specific areas. Before leaving teaching, ask why you are leaving teaching in the first place and let that determine which career you pursue next. For example, if you hate the bureaucracy of the school system, but still love teaching, you might want to become a tutor.

Learning Centers

Various education and learning centers provide teaching opportunities. Teachers provide supplemental instruction in various subject matters and also prepare students for standardized tests such as the SAT. Daycare centers often have educational programs for parents who want their children to continue learning after school. These daycares need teachers. The more elite centers pay teachers more than the budget daycares.


Tired of teaching? Consider writing educational materials for various publishing companies. Companies that produce textbooks usually hire retired and former teachers to perform much of the writing for them.


If you prefer one-on-one instruction, you can become a tutor. You can either work for a tutoring agency or work as a freelance tutor. As a freelancer, you must market your skills and also figure out the hourly rate that you would like to charge. Former teachers can also get masters' degrees in school counseling and then provide advice to students as they set their life goals.

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Brought to you by Sciencing.com


Former teachers can completely abandon the education system by going into management. Some retail stores hire teachers with the perception that a teacher capable of managing a classroom full of students will be able to manage adults.

Teach Abroad

Countries throughout the world want teachers to come from the U.S. and teach English, perfect for those who want to escape the United States and travel the world. Teaching English can hold unique challenges since teachers must overcome cultural differences. However, this also serves as an opportunity for teachers to learn about new cultures.


Some teachers move out of teaching and into administration. Administration allows you to continue working in the education system and lets you remain in the public school system, but doesn't require you to interact with students. Not every education specialist is happy in the classroom setting.

Business Coaching

Former teachers looking for a salary boost can consider going into executive coaching. While teaching skills will be helpful, teachers will want to specialize in a particular area of business management. For example, a teacher can coach the human resources department on more effectively orienting new employees toward the corporate culture.