Summer Mission Trips for Teachers

A mission can be a constructive way for a teacher to spend her summer.

One of the appeals of going into the teaching profession is the prospect of having summers off. For some teachers, though, it is more exciting to actually do something with that time off than to sit around and and relax all summer. For these types of teachers, there may be considerable appeal in taking a mission trip during the summer.

1 Travel

One exciting aspect of missions for teachers is that they bring the opportunity to travel extensively, something that would not happen during the school year. Mission opportunities exist in every corner of the world. For example, Ghana, Cameroon, Thailand, Romania, Haiti, Zambia and El Salvador are just a few of the places where missions exist that have room for teachers on a summer basis. A teacher could see much of the world by working with a different mission organization each summer.

2 Deepening Cultural Awareness

One of the wonderful things about working on a mission is the respect it builds in you for other cultures. Teachers are maybe the most important people to experience this type of enlightenment, as they can share that hands-on perspective of the way that other cultures live with their students. Some teachers are so inspired by their missions that they may even look into bringing student mission opportunities to their students.

3 Spiritual Work

Not all teachers with a religious background or strong belief system work in a private school where religious instruction is permitted. By its very nature, a mission trip is a religious activity. For religious teachers working in a secular school system, this can be a wonderful chance to feel like they are doing God's work. Teachers can utilize their local religious group to find summer mission opportunities. Many churches are either affiliated with specific missions, or can connect a teacher interested in working over the summer with those administrators of their church who arrange these types of projects.

4 Teaching English

One of the most common positions available for teachers who want to go on a mission is that of English teacher. In most cases, you don't need to be an English teacher at home to go on a mission to teach English. Usually, a degree is all that is required. Most contracts for teaching English are year-long contracts, but there are some missionary arrangements where you can teach for the summer months only.

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