Dramatic Play Ideas for Winter

Igloos in the snow
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During the winter months, design activities that focus on the clothing, shelters, music and sporting activities of the season. Dramatic play, also known as symbolic play, allows preschoolers to exercise their problem solving, communication and creativity skills through activities such as role playing and dressing up.

1 Bundle Up for Winter

Have your students practice identifying and putting on winter clothes by placing a winter clothes box in the dramatic play area of the classroom. In the box, include items such as coats, mittens, hats, socks and earmuffs. Encourage students to put on the different items. To make the activity more fun, Preschool Plan It suggests setting an egg timer to five minutes to see if students can get all bundled up before it goes off. This activity will help preschoolers develop independence, identify different clothing items and exercise their fine motor skills.

2 Build an Igloo

Create a fun, hands-on activity by having students construct their very own igloo. Supply the students with a large, white bed sheet, a table and cooking items such as fake food, pots and pans. Tell the students that igloos are structures made of snow that are traditionally used as shelters and as places to prepare food. Have students drape the white sheet over the table and then go under it to simulate being in an igloo. Include photos of igloos and Inuit people cooking in the area to help students visualize the uses of an igloo. This activity is beneficial for practicing team work and imagination skills.

3 Classroom Skating

Create a pretend skating rink in the classroom as a fun musical and physical activity. Gayle Jacobs' Preschool Rainbow site suggests providing each child with two sheets of wax paper. While playing classical or winter-themed music, instruct the children to place the wax paper under their feet and glide across the floor to simulate skating. Encourage them to move their bodies in creative ways and to follow the music. Teachers should caution students that the paper is slippery and to skate slowly. This activity will help students exercise their imaginations, musicality and motor skills.

4 Winter Songs

For a dramatic activity that can be done as a full group during circle time, sing some winter-themed songs and have students act out the lyrics with their hands and bodies. For example, with the song "Winter Sky," students can point to the sky during the lyrics, "way up high in the winter sky, two little snowflakes caught my eye." This activity exercises motor, creativity and musicality skills.

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