What Is an MHT Format File?

An MHT file is a saved archive of a Web page.
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The MHT file extension stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension HTML file. The MIME protocol is typically used on the Internet to describe the content type of a file. In the case of an MHT file, the content of the file is an archive of a Web page. You can create these files using some Internet browsers.

1 The Contents of an MHT File

The MHT file is an archive of all the files associated with a Web page. This is especially useful if the Web page accesses other files on a server, such as images. If you save an MHT file, you can access all of the content of the specific page while offline. On the other hand, if you save a Web page as an HTML file, you may not be able to access some of the page content if it exists as other files on the server.

2 The Value of an MHT File

In addition to being accessible offline, MHT files are useful because they contain an entire Web page in one file. Therefore, if you need to move files around your computer or to other storage space, you can easily move the entire Web page as one file. The MHT format also helps you avoid creating extra folders when saving a Web page; this can occur when saving a page as an HTML document in some situations.

3 Creating an MHT File

Some Internet browsers can save Web pages as MHT archive files. Internet Explorer and Opera can save pages as MHT files by selecting the "Save as" option under the file menu. Other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, require an extension or extra configuration in order to write an MHT file. For example, once you download and install the Mozilla Archive Format extension, you can use Firefox to create MHT files.

4 Reading an MHT File

A large number of programs can read MHT files. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome can open MHT files. Additionally, Microsoft Word can both write and read MHT files. Your computer may automatically associate MHT files with either Internet Explorer or Opera. In order to open an MHT file with any program that can read it, you can right-click on the file and select "Open with," then select the desired program from a list.

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