Many people rely on coupons to keep their monthly shopping bills within the limits of their budgets. Manufacturer's coupons are a specific type of discount coupon that applies towards products made by a given company. Shoppers value these coupons because they can redeem them at the store of their choice, often in combination with additional store coupons. Many manufacturers provide their coupons freely to the public, and the only requirement is that people do the footwork of collecting them and bringing them into stores.

Step 1

Choose the manufacturers' products for which you want or need coupons. Coupons could range from discounts on office supplies to beauty aids, food items, clothing and other household goods. To find available coupons, you may need to find out the name of the actual manufacturer. For example, Pampers is a brand of diapers, manufactured by the company Proctor & Gamble.

Step 2

Go directly to the manufacturer's website to find available free coupons and other offers. To continue with the Proctor & Gamble example, the website lists coupons and offers for a free selection of brand samples. It also lists the upcoming coupons the company will publish in the upcoming Sunday newspapers. For coupons offered online, manufacturers usually format them for you to print from your computer, then take into a store.

Step 3

Subscribe to the Facebook pages and RSS feeds for various manufacturers so that you will receive emails when new coupons become available. An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed delivers updates to you from manufacturers as they post them to their blog or website. Search Facebook for product manufacturers that offer additional coupons and other benefits to people who “like” their page.

Step 4

Check the existing box, jar and can labels of products in your home. Some food manufacturers print coupons on the inside of their jar labels or boxes, while others print them right on the sides or back of boxes.

Step 5

Research manufacturers' coupons on one of the many Internet-based coupon aggregator sites. For example, is one of many sites that allows you to search for free manufacturer and other coupons. The offers show directly on the site and usually include ratings and reviews from others who have used the coupon, verifying that the discount offer is valid.

Step 6

Review the advertising pages and inserts from the Sunday paper in your area. Manufacturers often publish coupons for the Sunday news issue and may even provide small, free product samples for items such as hair shampoo or conditioner, baby wipes or a new detergent.