How to Order Free Christian Books by Mail

Christian books and materials are mailed out as free gifts.

Order Christian reading and teaching materials from Christian bookstores and publishing houses that mail supplies to people for free. Several Christian distributors believe in spreading the Gospel without taking a profit. Some will mail a free book to anyone who asks; others send free Christian books in exchange for reviews. Some distributors make free Christian materials available to specified receivers such as rehabilitation facility administrators and prison and military chaplains. Many process and mail web orders for requested materials with postage paid.

Visit the website of a Christian bookstore or publisher that believes in delivering books to any and all who ask for free (see suggested links in resources).

Request free Christian books from distributors serving institutional needs. These distributors provide books and Christian teaching supplies to prisons, halfway houses and military ministries. Include the number of copies desired for each book selected on the order form. Include the name of an administrator or chaplain from the institution on the order.

Browse the selection of books and other resources available from the online Christian bookstores and publishers. Choose books from the selections that are labeled as free to requesting visitors.

Fill out the online order forms on the distributor's website for the free Christian books and any other free Christian supplies you wish to receive. The order forms are posted on the website; these forms do not need to be downloaded for use. Click "Submit" or "Send" after completing the form. Double-check your mailing address on the order forms to be sure the materials will reach you by mail.

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