When it comes time to send your kids back to school, it's a good opportunity to stock up on school supplies and re-organize everything, including homework. A homemade homework folder can add a personal touch that a stack of plain manilla folders won't, and you only need a few basic supplies to create your own organized and decorative system for keeping track of assigned work for the coming school year.

Step 1

Seal a stack of manila envelopes and use a marker to label each one for a class the student is taking, such as "Biology" or "Spanish." Rip open the tops of the envelopes with a letter opener.

Step 2

Punch holes 5 inches apart in the side of the envelopes with a hole puncher.

Step 3

Place the envelopes in a binder.

Step 4

Glue an index card to the outside of the binder. Use a marker to write "[Name]'s Homework Folder" on the top.

Step 5

Let your child decorate the binder with stickers, markers and crafts.