Cinnamon may spice up your love life.

In the language of magic (often spelled magick by those who practice it) cinnamon is thought to relate to the element of fire and be astrologically aligned with the sun. Magically speaking, this makes cinnamon an interesting ingredient as the tree from which it is harvested is "said to be of the moon" according to magick practitioner Eliza Yetter. This contradiction may explain why some people believe burning cinnamon can enhance psychic powers - a skill that is usually considered to be heavily influenced by the moon.


The sun is typically seen as representing male or active energy and since cinnamon is a sun-related ingredient it is thought to be useful in protection magic. For a simple cinnamon protection amulet, tie nine cinnamon sticks together and hang the bundle above your door to protect your home from from unwanted people and energies. Laying cinnamon sticks along your window sill will serve the same purpose.


Financial and personal prosperity are also related to the sun's active energy. Cinnamon sticks combined with other "prosperity" ingredients such as whole cloves, ginger and orange sections can be used as a simmering potpourri to help boost your efforts in job hunting, getting a raise or making general improvements to your financial status.


Because of its hot, fiery nature, cinnamon is a natural ally for love and sex magic. Try turning up the heat in your love life by grinding cinnamon sticks into a chunky powder and burning the powder as incense along with equal parts of red sandalwood and myrrh. Or simply place a stick of cinnamon under your lover's pillow and see what happens.