How to Make Jewelry With Healing Crystals

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Many New Age belief systems hold that crystals can be used to heal mental, physical and spiritual problems. Like other religious beliefs, the power of crystals has not been proven by science, but it does seem meaningful to those who practice it. Whether crystals have innate power or not, a healing crystal necklace, earring or other piece of jewelry can be a powerful tool for focusing your mind on healing a problem in your life.

1 Select a type

Select a type of crystal that represents the healing you need. Opinions differ on what crystals represent what type of healing, so use something that makes sense to you. For example, recommends quartz for "general protection and well-being," while recommends frosted quartz for balance and rose quartz for "emotional balance."

2 Create a ritual to cleanse your crystal or crystals

Create a ritual to cleanse your crystal or crystals. Some people like to gently rinse the crystals in water from the tap or rainwater. Others burn sage or another incense and visualize the smoke cleaning and preparing the crystals. What's important is that it is significant to you.

3 Charge your crystals according to your beliefs

Charge your crystals according to your beliefs. You can hold them in your hands and visualize them filling up with healing power, leave them under your pillow for a week, put them on the windowsill in front of the full moon, or perform any other ritual you believe in.

4 Decide where to wear the crystals

Decide where to wear the crystals. If you wish to charge a particular chakra, for example, you may want to use a necklace long enough to reach that spot. You also could wear crystals in a belt to address lower chakra issues or on a pin, a hat or an earring to address crown and third eye issues.

5 Mount your jewelry

Mount your jewelry. The easiest way to mount a crystal is to wrap it in metal wire. Wrap a piece of wire tightly around the crystal several times to hold it in place. Then make a loop in the wire. You now have a crystal pendant, which you can hang on an earring post, chain or cord.

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