How Long Should I Wait for a Girl to Return a Voice Mail?

Wait at least 24 hours for a girl to respond to her voice mail.
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You left a voice mail message for a girl and it has been 24 hours now without any word. The longer the silence draws on, the more you wonder -- "Should I call her again or keep waiting?" If you aren't sure whether to contact a girl after leaving a voice mail, take into account how well you know her as well as standard etiquette rules.

1 Standard Etiquette

Standard etiquette dictates that voice mail should be returned within 24 hours, according to the Lehigh University article, "Telephone Etiquette." Wait at least 24 hours before contacting a girl again to give her enough time to respond to your initial message -- unless it is urgent. If she hasn't gotten back, you are well within your rights to try again.

2 Consider Your Relationship

When deciding how long to wait, consider how well you know the girl and if she might be playing hard to get. Some women choose to ignore voice mail or delay responding as a way to maintain power in a relationship or create intrigue, says Sherry Argov, author of the book "Why Men Love Bitches." If you think she might be ignoring you on purpose, consider giving her a bit of extra time to respond.

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