Do you want to get a Libra to fall in love with you? Here is the secret to making sure that the man or woman of your dreams falls for you.

Attract a Libra with flattery

The first step to finding Libra love is, of course, to attract Libra. You can attract a Libra with kind words. Libras, being stereotypically insecure, are going to fall head over heels for flattery and confidence-boosting praise. So right off the bat, use compliments.

You can attract a Libra man if you are a take-charge woman

Libras can be indecisive, so consider being the take-charge one in your relationship if you want to get a Libra to love you. This can be especially true for Libra men: They like take charge, often strong and domineering women.

You will win a Libra's love forever with kindness

Once you've the love of a Libra, treat him or her with respect. Make sure you are attentive to their emotional needs. And always be kind. Kindness is worth its weight in gold in keeping any relationship going, especially with a Libra.


  • No two Libras are alike! Never make too many assumptions about anyone.