Prepare a letter to fax on your computer's word processing program.

Sending a letter to someone requires you to follow several rules of etiquette. Formal business letters should include several essential elements in a recognized format. For example, you may choose to write you letter in a flush format, in which the letter is written on the document's left margin. After you complete the letter according to your chosen format, you can print and fax the document to the recipient. Before faxing it, you should print a cover sheet to accompany the letter.

Open your computer's word processing software, such as Microsoft Word. Click "Start," then "All Programs," then select the program from the list provided.

Download a fax cover sheet (See Resources). You will need to include the cover sheet with your letter. Fill out the cover sheet and print it by clicking "File" and "Print."

Click "File" and "New" to open a blank document. Use this document to draft your letter. Format the letter using a flush format, including each element on the document's left margin. You will need to include date, address, greeting, body and signature.

Insert each element into the document. Type the date, address and greeting, each element separated by a single line. Include a greeting, such as "Dear Mr. Doe." Write the letter's contents below the greeting. Include a complimentary close in the following format: Sincerely,

Jane Doe.

Print the completed letter by clicking "File" and "Print." Sign the letter.

Place the cover letter in front of the letter, face up. Place both documents in the fax machine, face down. Enter the fax number and press "Start."