Types Of Knights

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Knights were defenders of lands and crusaders of people. In the Middle Ages, knights' organizations were founded on military and religious order to help those in need. Knights were a brotherhood with high values. They were described as courageous, faithful and honest with strength and integrity. The knight orders from centuries ago exists today, while others are part of history.

1 The Teutonic Knights

At the end of the 12th century, a Catholic religious order in Germany founded the Teutonic Knights, whose job was to crusade as a military order. Wearing white coats with black crosses, these Knights worked in hospitals and gave aid to the sick. The order has transformed since the Middle Ages and continues to function in present time.

2 The Knights Hospitaller

The Knight of the Order of Saint John the Hospitaller were called the Knights Hospitaller and were founded in 1099. History dates the order back to 600 A.D. when they built a hospital for Christian pilgrims. The Hospitallers were knights of Jerusalem, who defended the country. They worked in hospitals and cared for sick pilgrims who travelled to reach Jerusalem. Presently, the knights continue the organization in Rome, Italy.

3 The Templar Knights

The Templar Knights started in the Middle Ages as the Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, a military order consisting of lower-class priests and soldiers. The knights defended Jerusalem by protecting and providing safety to pilgrims.

4 The Knights Of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus were named after Christopher Columbus in 1882. The knights are the largest Catholic fraternal order that presently operates under the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. Billions of dollars have been given to charities by the knights.

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