How to Write a Letter for Closing a Bank Account

Whether you are closing your bank account because you are moving or whether you simply wish to switch banks, it is important to go about it the right way lest you end up owing your bank money. After you have made sure all your checks have cleared and have left enough money in your account to cover any fees associated with closing your account, you can contact your bank. Writing a letter to your bank to close your account is a good way to terminate your relationship with it.

Address the letter to the accounts manager at your local bank.

Date your letter.

Give your full name and account information in the first sentence or two of the letter.

Include in your letter that you have no outstanding debits or checks.

Give your forwarding information so that your bank can mail you a check for the amount that remains in your account, as well as any tax information.

Include in the letter a short professional-sounding reason if you are closing your account because you are unsatisfied with the service your bank has provided. Receiving feedback is a good way for the bank to improve customer relations, and it will make you feel better knowing that you let them know you were dissatisfied.

Sign your name and include a phone number where they can reach you if they have questions or concerns.