Using puppets in Sunday school is a fun way to get the children more excited to attend Children's church. This article is intended to give you some basic ideas on how to start and use a puppet ministry in your Sunday school program.

Prayerful consider using puppets in your Children's ministry, let God guide you in whether or not this ministry will work in your junior church program.

Get Volunteers. You will need at least two volunteers, more if you plan on doing large productions. Talk with your youth director about possible workers; teenagers can be very good and energetic puppeteers. Let the church know off the opportunity to minister through the puppet program.

You will need a stage for your puppets to perform in. A stage can be a simple wall or more elaborate. If you need a stage it will be much cheaper to build then to purchase one. You can find instructions to build a nice stage by doing a google search.

Puppets to start class - You may want to use puppets to welcome children to church and introduce the topic for the day.

Puppets for Music - Use puppets to perform music for the class or as a sing along. Children will enjoy the interaction with the puppets during the worship music.

Skits - Use skits to reinforce the themes off your lesson. Skits should be short (5-7 minutes). There are many free resources for puppet skits; you can also purchase skits at your local Christian bookstore. Another idea is to write your own skits or there may be a talented writer in your congregation that is looking for an opportunity.


  • Let your puppets interact with you and the children, this will keep the students involved and listening.


  • Do not allow expensive puppets to be handled by young children or irresponsible young adults.