How to Cover Tattoos, Scars and Burns

Scarred skin is often dehydrated and may not take all makeup well.
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A naturally smooth, unblemished skin surface can be hard to come by, particularly if you're prone to acne, have tattoos, are genetically predisposed to scar development or have developed scarring from badly healed wounds or burns. Pitted, flat or raised, and discolored acne scars and the thick bands of collagen that form burn scars can be every bit as noticeable as tattoo ink. No matter your skin-blemish concerns, you can keep your complexion temporarily clear with the help of camouflaging makeup.

  • Heavy concealer makeup
  • Makeup sponge
  • Aerosol spray foundation
  • Translucent powder
  • Large powder brush
  • Wrinkle filler
  • Small makeup brush
  • Makeup primer
  • Green or orange color corrector (optional)
  • Concealer makeup brush
  • Facial moisturizer

1 Tattoos

2 Matches your skin tone

Dab heavy concealer that matches your skin tone all over the tattoo and up to 1 inch away from the tattoo.

3 Tear off the edge

Tear off the edge of a makeup sponge to create an uneven surface. Blot the torn edge over the concealer to blend it into your skin.

4 Spritz

Spritz over the concealer with spray foundation that matches your skin tone.

5 To set it

Dust translucent powder over the foundation with a large makeup brush to set it.

6 Scars

7 Dab wrinkle filler

Dab wrinkle filler into pitted scars with a small makeup brush. Smooth makeup primer over pitted, raised and flat scars.

8 Dab a small amount

Dab a small amount of green color corrector onto red scars; use orange corrector with purple scars.

9 Dip a concealer brush

Dip a concealer brush into foundation or concealer that matches your skin tone. Tap the brush into deep scars or dab against flat scars. Blend well with the surrounding skin.

Dust over the concealer with translucent powder.

10 Burns

Moisturize burn scars twice daily and just before applying makeup to soften tissue. Let the skin dry completely.

Spritz aerosol foundation onto the back of your hand to find the color that matches your skin color. If you need color correction, dab green or orange color corrector onto the burn scar itself with a small concealer brush.

Mist the scar area evenly with aerosol foundation. Apply foundation in light layers and build up foundation in areas that need heavier coverage.

Dust translucent powder over the foundation with a large makeup brush to set it.

  • Never put makeup on healing burns or scabs.

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