What Does It Mean to Be Emotionally Attracted to Someone?

Emotionally attracted couples often engage in physical affection.
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If someone in your life is so close that you can discuss anything, including topics that bring up intense emotions, you are emotionally attached to that person. Emotional attraction makes you feel included and accepted in the other person’s life, according to relationship coach Ron Capocelli, CPCC, on his Inspired Commitment website in the article "Emotional Connection, What It Is and Why It Matters."

1 Sharing Emotional Intimacy

Talking to someone about your deepest desires, thoughts and needs indicates an emotional connection. You might feel that connection early in a relationship, such as on the first date or two. You talk about how things make you feel or your deepest aspirations for the future. You want this person to get you -- to understand what makes you tick. If you are female, you do this through deep conversation; if you are male, you do this through shared activities, according to Dr. Willard Harley Jr. in his book “His Needs, Her Needs.”

2 Emotionally Comfortable

When you feel an emotional attraction, you feel comfortable around your romantic partner, whom you regard as special, according to Nancy Wesson, Ph.D., who has a degree in clinical and counseling psychology. You can manage disagreements without dreading the end the relationship, writes Wesson in an article entitled “Healthy Relationships -- What Do They Look Like? 15 Traits of a Healthy Relationship” on her website. You want to meet your significant other's needs and look for ways to show that you care.

3 Shared Time

Individuals who are emotionally attracted to each other want to spend time together, according to Tony Ferretti, Ph.D., who specializes in marriage and relationship counseling, in his website post "Connection Creates Intimacy." You pay attention to this person when you spend time together, and you create positive emotions together. Your conversations go deep as you invite the other person to share more with you. However, you leave some mysteries between you so there continues to be an emotional sizzle.

4 Body Language

You can spot emotional attraction through body language, according to Capocelli. For instance, you turn toward and make eye contact with your romantic interest in conversation. You lean in to catch every word and you smile when the other person smiles. You might touch when you sit close together or hold hands when walking somewhere. You share affectionate gestures such as hugs and kisses. You snuggle up together when talking or watching a movie together and dance close together. All of these physical signs let those around you know that you are a couple, making it clear that an intrusion from another potential romantic partner is not acceptable.

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