Signs of Someone Liking You

When someone likes you, his body language will reveal his feelings.
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Figuring out if someone likes you can be the difference between having a great time hanging out with your new crush or spending another Friday afternoon fighting with your sister over the remote control. Although it may seem impossible to figure out what another person is thinking, if you know the right signs, you may be able to peek into his heart.

1 Nice Eyes

When someone is interested in you, he will make eye contact. Just because someone looks your way, however, doesn’t mean that he wants to be your next date. The key is to notice if he looks your way repeatedly and if he maintains his gaze a bit longer than usual. So, if you catch a cutie looking your way several times -- he probably likes you. And if you catch him staring at you, then you can have even more confidence that he wants to get to know you.

2 Getting Closer

If someone likes you, he will try his best to get close to you – and maybe even touch you. In fact, touching is one of the most natural things people do when someone likes another person and wants that other person to know it, says Rick Chillot in “The Power of Touch” on Psychology Today. Touching not only increases bonding, it also releases oxytocin, which has been called the "cuddle hormone," Chillot says. So, if your new crush sits next you and finds a reason to help you get that invisible hair off of your face, he may be telling you that he likes you. He may brush up against your hand or knee in a way that appears accidental, but he actually planned this move. He may also make his feelings clear by giving you a warm hug or a pat on the back.

3 The Long Goodbye

When a girl or guy wants to get to know you better, he will want to have long conversations with you. It may even seem as if he is stalling for time or looking for ways to prolong your chat. You may begin by discussing the latest popular movie -- and before you know it --you’re discussing your plans for summer break. This might not be accidental; he’s probably trying to tell you that he’s into you.

4 Your Nice Shadow

A person who likes you may find ways to join the same activities as you. If you’re good at debating your smitten friend suddenly starts memorizing speeches. Then, you notice that he, too likes tennis and recently joined the beginner’s team. If the same person keeps showing up in your circles, it could be that you share similar personalities. This would be a good sign for future encounters with this person, according to the 2009 study published in the “Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.” It could be that this person has a crush on you.

Nina Edwards holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and has been writing about families and relationships since 2000. She has numerous publications in scholarly journals and often writes for relationship websites as well. Edwards is a university lecturer and practicing psychologist in New York City.