How to Stop Junk Mail From Coming to Your House

Reducing junk mail is good for the environment.

According to, the average adult receives 41 pounds of junk mail per year as of July 2010. Junk mail adds to our landfills and pollutes the planet. There are many ways to reduce the junk mail that you receive.

Hire a company to do it for you. charges $41 for five years averaging $8.20 per year to reduce your junk mail by 80 percent to 95 percent by contacting the companies that send the junk mail, on your behalf, having it stopped. Companies like are a time-saving alternative to doing it yourself.

Call the companies that send you catalogs and offers and asking them to stop is an effective way to stop junk mail.

Send a postcard or letter to Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association, P.O. Box 643, Carmel, New York 15012-0643. Send your name, address and request "activate the preference service." By doing this it will stop all unwanted junk mail from companies that you have not ordered products from. This service lasts for five years.

Request that a company does not sell your name and address to other companies. Most companies will sell your name and address to list companies who in turn sell your information to other like companies. This produces junk mail in their effort to make you a new customer. Make this request by mail as well as on the phone.

Request that companies you order from stop sending you catalogs and supply them with an email address for further offers if you desire to get the company's offers in the future.

Recycle the junk mail that you do receive. Check with your local waste management company or landfill to find out what paper they accept in their recycling program and where you can bring it if a bin is not supplied for you.

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