You must be brave and persistent to hawk your music on the street. You need a glowing personality and confidence in yourself and your talent. A sales background will help you better understand the motivations and perceptions of your target customers as you discuss your music. With a little luck, you'll successfully spread the word about your music and make a few extra dollars to boot.

Package the Product

Package your CDs attractively and professionally. Have a graphic artist produce your cover design and send it to a professional copy shop to be printed. Don't try to reproduce the covers on your home printer.

Contact your town or city administration to see if you need a sales permit to sell your CDs on the street.

Have attractive flyers designed and printed with information about your music and how it can be purchased. Hand them to potential customers, even if they do not stop.

Decide whether to set up a table or simply stand while selling. Standing is a more aggressive posture, but can be more effective since you have greater contact with people.

Find a location in town with heavy foot traffic--preferably with working people or artistic types.

Price your CDs sensibly. People who buy things on the street expect bargains. For instance, sell your CDs for $5 each or two for $8. Remember that you are an unknown artist, so your prices should be very reasonable.

Come up with three potential sales pitches. Be creative, honest and genuine. For instance, "I'm a local singer and I'm trying to raise money to make it to New York by selling copies of my music. Will you support my CD?" Switch your pitches and note which are most effective.

Think of a catchy, yet simple opening line (preferably a question) to pull people in to hear your pitch. For example, "Do you like country music?" or "What is your favorite type of music?" Hand out a flyer as you're speaking.

Have enough cash to make change for customers. If you are selling CDs for $5, bring plenty of ones, fives and tens.

Stay positive and keep experimenting with your sales presentations. When something works, stick with it.

Things Needed

  • ['Permit or license', 'Flyers', 'Table (optional)']


  • You must be able to think on your feet. You don't always have to follow a script. Sometimes you can succeed by just conversing with people like they are friends.