How to Read People's Minds

Use your knowledge of people to read their minds.
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Some scientists will say that it is impossible to read minds. They will also tell you that you can read body language, or use empathy, or that you even have neurons that help you make educated guesses on what a person might be thinking or feeling. Perhaps there really is nothing mystical about the power to read minds. Perhaps it is simply human intuition based on observation and educated guesses after all, but that doesn’t make it any less useful an ability to learn.

Step 1
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Learn body language. How a person moves, holds their hands, even what their eyes are doing are very telling about what is going on inside of their head. For example, pupils tend to grow larger when you are interested in or excited about something. If you are talking to someone and making eye contact, finding their pupils are large and round, chances are they are not feigning interest in the conversations. Someone who is fidgety or biting their nails is likely nervous. Someone who folds their arms across their chest when they are not cold is probably trying to put a barrier between you and themselves, or if they draw themselves inward, with their shoulders hunched, there is probably something they don’t want you to know. There are many variables. Large pupils can also mean they’ve recently had their eyes dilated, and fidgeting could be the result of the recent consumption of a large caffeinated beverage.

Step 2
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Learn to mentally put yourself in another’s place. Scientists have recently discovered that your brain has neurons that fire when you watch someone do something the same as if we had done the action ourselves. They have dubbed these “mirror neurons,” and they explain our ability to have empathy. When you are able to open yourself to understanding how other people are feeling, you are able to figure out reasons and anticipate future actions, reactions, even thoughts.

Step 3
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Know that if you do believe that there is some kind of undiscovered energy that allows for a psychic connection between people, you can try to tap into this energy and use extrasensory perception to read someone’s mind. This doesn’t mean you’ll literally be able to read their mind like a book, or that you will hear their thoughts like a radio broadcast. Instead, you will receive inexplicable impressions, feelings, perhaps even images or words will pop into your head.

Step 4
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Take up meditation. Meditation helps to discipline the mind so that you can alter your state of consciousness at will. Psychics are most receptive to impressions when they are able to slip into the Alpha state, a state of relaxed awareness, somewhere between sleeping and full alertness. If you have ever found yourself “zoning out” in front of the television, or while riding in a car or doing a monotonous chore, you have experienced the alpha state. Learning to meditate can help you purposely put your brain in the alpha state, where you will be more successful in reading people and receiving impressions.

Step 5
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Practice and combine all of these steps. You will soon find yourself able to intuit the things going through another person’s mind, even if it is contrary to what they are actually saying. Whether it is a paranormal ability, or plain old observation and deduction, it certainly is a skill worth learning.