A multi-drop route is an excellent way to carpool to and from work while saving money and gas. Planning a multi-drop route requires the consultation of a map and your co-workers. Follow the steps below to plan a multi-drop route that will keep you and your colleagues on time and eco-friendly.

How to Plan a Multi-Drop Route

Open a Microsoft Word document or similar software program and type in the names and addresses of everyone who will be participating in the multi-drop route. Include the address of the final destination(s).

Consult a map to determine the fastest way to and from the final destination. Star the streets or general areas of the homes where the route participants live.

Plot the distance between each home. Plot the distance between each home and the final destination. Vary this process a few different times to determine which will be the best house from which to start and the best home at which to end on the route to arrive at the destination.

Rearrange the names and addresses of the multi-drop route participants into the chronological order for pick up in the morning and take-home in the afternoon or evening.

Open your Internet browser and go to www.Mapquest.com to double-check whether the decided upon list will be the most efficient means to and from the destination. Go to directions and type in the addresses in the order you decided upon. The route and distance will be calculated and the estimated amount of time between each stop will be posted. Move addresses up and down to ensure that you have chosen the correct multi-drop route. If not, re-do your list.

Things Needed

  • ['Map', 'Computer', 'Microsoft Word or similar program', 'Paper', 'Printer', 'Ruler', 'Pencil', 'Internet access']