Make a Funeral Easel Flower Arrangement

Floral displays on the casket, the pulpit and elsewhere are fitting for funerals. Some families purchase flower arrangements in the shape of a cross. Others purchase wreaths decorated with appropriate flowers, displayed on an easel. Although funeral wreaths are purchased as a sentiment of sympathy they also add a little personal cheer to a solemn occasion.

Purchase a wooden easel sold at most art supply stores if the funeral home cannot supply one. Make sure the easel has a chain that connects the front section with the back for extra sturdiness and support.

Cut an 8-inch styrofoam ball in half so the backside is flat.

Gather a large selection of flower cuttings. Any type, shape or color flower is acceptable. Choose what you think the departed would like. Make sure the stems are at least 3 inches long so they'll stick into the styrofoam and stay.

Place the cuttings into the styrofoam in any order or design you choose. For extra holding strength, add some clear glue to the ends of the flowers and greenery before you place them into the foam.

Keep the larger flowers toward the center and the smaller flowers towards the outside perimeter. Cover the entire front of the ball.

Add various types of green leaves and foliage in and throughout your floral arrangement. The stems must be long enough to stick into the styrofoam and stay as well as the flowers.

Attach the flower arrangement to the wooden easel with wire. Wrap pieces of pre-cut wire around the front of the bouquet and connect the wire by twisting the ends together in the back. Use about four wire lengths for extra holding strength. Hide the wire underneath the flowers.

Things Needed

  • ['Easel', 'Flower cuttings', 'Greenery', '8-inch styrofoam ball', 'Sharp knife', 'Wire', 'Wire snips']


  • Styrofoam balls are available at craft stores.


  • Do not add any flowers to the back side of the styrofoam. This area needs to lie flush with the easel frame.