How to Hang an American Flag Banner

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Most homes don't have a flagpole in the front yard, so people who want to fly an American flag have to get creative. One way is to hang an American flag banner, securing the flag to the building itself, with the stripes running vertically. As with all flag displays, the U.S. Flag Code defines the correct way to display a flag banner. American flag banners are made in any size and are often displayed indoors or out.

1 Arrange the flag correctly for your location

Arrange the flag correctly for your location. Hang the flag over a door or in a building entry. Display it so the star field is to the left of anyone coming inside. Hang the flag in a window by situating the stars on the left of a person viewing the flag from the street. To hang a flag on the wall behind a speaker, the stars go on the speaker's right and the audience's left.

2 Tie the flag

Tie the flag in the display area using string or wire through the grommets. If there are no convenient poles to tie the wire around (like on a porch), install screw eyes in a discreet location to anchor the string. Attempt to screw in the eyes by hand, or use a drill to start a hole for the eyes.

3 Leave the bottom

Leave the bottom of the flag loose. The United States Flag Code says that the flag should always be allowed to fly freely.

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